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 A natural and sustainable acoustic solution suitable for offices, boardrooms, and other high end interiors. Floc tiles

harness all the natural benefits of wool fibre while providing an architectural solution for interior reverberation control. 



Colour Range


Bellies & Dags                              Grey                               Natural White                         Ocean Mist


Floc 3D proudly highlights the natural material it’s made from. This inherently results in minor variations between

panels and organic material within the baseboard. We help minimise this variation within batches to ensure a

consistent look between every panel within your order.


Direct Fix (Wall & Ceiling Tiles - 500 x 500)


       Fractile                                               Siren                                                 Pivot                                                  Gemini                                               Atlas                                                    


   Dimple                                               Spectrum                                         Chevron                                         Flat                                                    Swish                                                  



  Download Floc Datasheet


- Extremely high Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) to reduce Reverberation Time.

- Suitable for high end offices, meeting rooms and other commercial interiors.

 - 30 year lifetime system warranty. Tiles should be installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. 

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